How to Increase Your Credit Card Limit

By Gavin | August 07, 2018

Having a higher credit limit has plenty of advantages, from being able to spend more on your credit card to have a higher credit score.


How to Increase Your Credit Card Limit

You may be wanting a credit limit increase and the creditor will first check your credit history.

So if you have a clean record and pay your bills on time, that's only going to help you get that higher credit limit for sure, even if you have a few little mishaps in your credit history, just make sure to pay off the existing debt and avoid obtaining large amounts of new debt or penalty fees.

And another is if you just received your credit card, you'll likely have to wait six months or longer for them to consider raising your limit, so with that make sure you're using your credit card wisely and somewhat consistently.

Lenders base your credit limit on their assessment of how risky a borrower you are, so if your spending is out of control or unpredictable, that will only look like you're not a trustworthy customer.

So once you've built a solid foundation with your credit card company, don't be afraid to negotiate for what you want, if they don't offer an online limit increase request form, call and make a persuasive case as to why you deserve a limit increase, but make sure the request is not far out there be reasonable, because the creditor is not permitted to offer a number.