New Credit Card with 800 Credit Score

By Gavin | October 12, 2018

I have a really high credit score at one point, I had a high credit score of 800, now it's not as high these days, because I've been applying two credit cards and stuff, it fluctuates the credit score itself for me, doesn't really matter anymore, because I don't really need it to apply for new loans or anything that I can see in the future.


How about Chase of 800 credit score

I applied to the Chase Freedom unlimited card because you can spend $500, you get $100 back, it's kind of like free money, because you just buy something that you normally would anyway, and it's like $100 off, which is 20% off, this is good.

The specific reason saying that I have too many credit cards open in the last two years. Now to understand this a little bit better, I have several Chase cards already. Number one I have a Chase Freedom, number two I have a Chase Amazon card, I also have a Chase ink card.

Those are the only three I've also opened up and closed a Chase Sapphire card more than two years ago. So it wouldn't have shown on the credit report. The reason they rejected me it's probably because I have too many credit cards open in the last two years, not having too many credit cards open with Chase.

Credit keeps the opening card of 800 credit score

Actually now I went back and figured out about how many credit cards I've opened within the last two years, I've been a little bit more active lately, and what they call credit churning here, you just open up credit cards for the bonus rewards points and then after you satisfy all the requirements you dump the card, and you get a different one.


You just move on, and then you can just keep on collecting all the cash-back and things like that. I got a Walmart card, here I got a Citi double cash back card. I also opened up a bank of America cash rewards.