The New Chase Credit Journey Credit Score

By Gavin | October 12, 2018

We're going to talk about one of the newest credit scores, I guess you can say monitoring programs to hit the marketplace, it is now called the Chase journey score, of course, this is available to people that have Chase credit cards and things of that sort, and just another way to pretty much monitor your score.

Now, this is actually one of the first times I've seen a company offer a FICO score as well as a Vantage 3.0 score, it's actually the same algorithm as what Credit Karma uses as well as credit wise and wallet hub. You're probably saying why would a huge bank like Chase offer a free score, that could mean one or two things, and honestly, it could be good.


The Chase credit journeys score

Of course, you're going to have times three, so that's going to put it about twenty-seven scores, then, of course, that's not including the FICO 9, which puts you at about thirty scores total, because there are different industries of that school, but to keep things simple it's only going to give you the overall experience FICO score. I believe it's experienced, this is what Chase Bank with.

The new score that they are offering is the Chase credit journey score, this is 100% vanished 3.0 algorithm, the same exact algorithm that Credit Karma users and they're only going to pull from TransUnion, it's going to update every week, and they're saying that it's not going to give you identity alerts and things of that sort.


Why a lot of you don't promote FICO

In general, if you get an inquiry, if you have new account things that you're probably going to know how already, but there are a lot of people that may not be as in touch with the credit industry like that. It's pretty good for know, it's good for them to notice that, because some people are not even taking full advantage of the FICO score that they're getting for free.

Because if you look at the fine print, which Bible I'm going to have the article right up here, you can click to my left and you can check out the article is going to have the FICO's.

The difference between the Chase credit journey score

Because they simply say  this score is Vantage 3.0 Chase and other lenders may use other different types of scoring methods, only scoring algorithms, and they put that  in there, not even in a fine print in the FICO's, so you dare even saying listen we don't use this, this is just something for you as a consumer.

As a client to have access to through Chase Bank now the difference between the Chase credit journey score, and let's say credit wisely, anyone can have.


The difference though is that people need more than the score, they need to see and understand what's on their credit report.